Why is Blood Sugar High in the Morning?

The sunrise phenomenon is a common cause of high blood sugar levels in the morning. This occurs when hormones, such as cortisol and growth hormone, signal the liver to increase glucose production, which provides energy that helps you wake up. This causes beta cells in the pancreas to release insulin to keep blood sugar levels under control. Other reasons for high blood sugar levels in the morning include eating high-carb snacks before bed, not taking enough diabetes medications, and taking medications at the wrong time.

To combat this, you may consider trying a new basal insulin, adjusting the time and amount of your baseline dose (if you inject insulin), or changing your nighttime baseline rates (if you have an insulin pump on). Despite this, it can improve your morning readings. It just requires a little work and foresight. Additionally, going for a walk after meals can significantly lower blood sugar levels, which can improve overall blood sugar control.

Finally, share any trends you notice with your healthcare team so you can find the best ways to stabilize your blood sugar throughout the night. To keep your blood sugar level stable throughout the night, eat a dinner rich in protein, healthy fats and fiber, and moderate in complex carbohydrates. As you make changes, be sure to check your blood sugar level more often until you know how your body responds.The sunrise phenomenon is an early morning rise in blood sugar, also called blood glucose, in people with diabetes. It usually happens between 4 in the morning.

Another reason you may experience higher glucose levels in the morning is because the insulin injected goes away. If your body doesn't have enough insulin during the night, your glucose levels may start to rise.When you take insulin before bed and wake up with high blood sugar levels, it's known as the Somogyi effect. Once you and your doctor determine how your blood sugar levels behave during the night, he or she can advise you on changes you should make to better control them. If you continue to have high blood sugar levels in the morning after making these changes, see your doctor for advice.

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