What is normal blood sugar by age 50?

The normal blood sugar (glucose) level for a healthy non-diabetic adult is determined based on when and how blood sugar levels are evaluated. After age 50, it's more important to control your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and be aware of new symptoms. Help the person remember when to take their medicines and remind them to control their blood sugar according to the appropriate schedule. You and your provider should set a target goal for your blood sugar levels for different times of the day.

In the morning, blood sugar levels are high, since blood levels are calculated after sleeping at night, meaning if blood sugar is not controlled, serious health problems called complications can occur in the body. Therefore, if you have diabetes, it is essential to maintain your blood sugar values at some typical acceptable values, which can be achieved by leading a healthy lifestyle that helps reverse diabetes and following a sustainable diet plan that you can follow, including basic foods, easily available in the kitchen and that does not include supplements. The HbA1c test (also known as the hemoglobin A1C test) does not require fasting and determines the average blood glucose level for the past two to three months. The following information describes normal blood sugar levels before and after meals and what are the recommended levels of HbA1c and hemoglobin A1c for people with and without diabetes.

People who have low blood sugar levels are usually aware of this and tend to bring something to eat with them in case of an episode of hyperglycemia. It is often much more useful to have fewer values with more information (description and time of meals, description and time of exercise, dose and time of medication) related to blood sugar level to help guide decisions about medications and dose adjustments. Hyperglycemia: control; Hypoglycemia: control; Diabetes: blood sugar control; blood glucose control. However, if your A1C level, a long-term measure of blood sugar, is especially high when you are diagnosed, your doctor may suggest that you start taking more than one medication to control your blood sugar right away.

Over a period of time, these high blood glucose levels can damage nerves, kidneys, eyes, and heart. If your blood sugar levels are chronically higher than normal, this is called hyperglycemia.

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